Hello Indimoto

In an effort to address rising pollution levels, traffic congestion and overall convenience, Indimoto.com is a carpooling matching site that allows for commuters to find other people in their area to share rides with. With the recent unveiling of the Tata Nano, this website may become a necessary evil stemming from insane traffic congestion.

Avashya posted the press release for the company here.

More than anything, the recent surge in this website’s popularity highlights a larger concern — the overall lack of well run, efficient public transportation that caters to the increasingly common urban commuter that needs to be able to easily travel to and from an urban center for employment.

Another glaring shortcoming on the part of the Indian government appears to be any means to encourage such cooperative behavior.

There is as yet no Government support for organised carpooling in India unlike developed countries like USA, Canada, Australia etc which have various incentives to promote ridesharing such as dedicated lanes for HOV (High Occupancy Vehicles), reserved parking lots and lower toll charges etc.

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  1. […] living in the same apartment complex. (ThinkChange India wrote about a similar site called Indimoto here). I know what you are thinking, ‘oh no, not another social networking web start-up’, […]

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