Private School for the Poor?

From, Gray Matters Capital, a private equity fund that focuses on the creation and expansion of social enterprises has been conducting very interesting research on the prospect of providing private school education at $2 per day in the developing world.

Talked to Sam Moss, Brian Cayce this week about their research at Gray Matters Capital into private schools in the developing world, affordable for people making $2 per day.

Gray Matters likes to be on the cutting edge of the new opportunity, helping to establish infrastructure for the growth of the social capital market. David Kyle, formerly COO of the Acumen Fund is doing on the ground research for them in India. “I was pretty surprised at what we’ve been finding,”Moss said. “There might be a real opportunity that makes sense there,” with the caveat that the research is not all in yet. Steve Hardgrave is taking a hard look from the Gray Matters staff side.

Gray Matters has become such a magnet for people wanting to help them and discounting their professional services to do it, and now people are saying they’d like to invest with them in their next fund because they have such a fine track record of using their money in a smart, strategic way. I’m hoping that we can help them present what they’ve learned and the path to that learnings, the walls they encountered, etc. at our Social Capital Markets event in October in San Francisco.


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