See evil, Click evil …

Easily one of the coolest, and more useful, tools that I have come across. Maplecroft Maps has created interactive maps that flesh out all sort of major issues that affect humanity — from global water supply toScreenshot of a map financial risk to renewable energy usage. All in all over 65 maps are available for people to utilize to better understand the prevalence, scope and trends of a given issue. To check out this incredible tool, go here.

Thanks Sushil, for bringing this to our attention.


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  1. […] of water supply and scarcity is especially relevant to the topic of sustainable consumption. (See See Evil, Click Evil …). Water is the most dramatic example of the coming resources crunch. The list of areas that are […]

  2. […] have highlighted the value of visualization such global problems before here and here and so this project is another great resource for both researchers and practitioners in […]

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