Water-Pump + Merry Go Rounds = Great Idea

This innovation has received widespread attention already, but for the sake of readers on this blog it is important to post about it just in case some of us just came back from vacations under rocks …

Problem: Getting water in places with low supply above ground but supplies underground …

Solution (from Triple Pundit):

How about a merry-go-round and a prefab water tower. Come again? Yes, it’s called the Play Pump. What is it? Basically, it’s a water pump, that utilizes the energy of children (and anybody else who cares to play on it) spinning around on a playground style merry-go-round, that serves as the motor behind the pump. Rather then give them away, these reasonably priced devices whose water tower has nice large flat surfaces could double as a billboard, providing income to cover the maintenance of them, and publicity for local businesses.


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