(Think)ChangeIndia.in launches to build community to better India

Hot off of the momentum of the Lead India campaign run by the Times of India, winner R K Misra has launced ChangeIndia.in,  a website aimed to build a community of individuals “who want to do something for society or undertake a project for the benefit of the nation.” (AlooTechie)

Besides English, the site is already available in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. The site is one part of the larger Change India movement supported by major players like Yahoo! and Google.

Go here to register.


One Response

  1. RK’s plan has 5 steps: (Be the Change Agent, Bring Together Doers, Make a Policy Impact, Create a Self-Sustaining Eco-System, and I will make a difference). Step 3 is definitely key. A differentiating factor from other similar initiatives is that it does at least aim to link grassroots and policy. I like how they challenge Indians to take up a project, but at the same time, pledge support to take demands to Parliament and involve national leadership / media (although their methods of doing this seem vague). Pursuing systemic change in tandem with one-off projects probably makes it more likely that the on-the-ground efforts become sustainable.

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