MBAs Without Borders

From NGO Post:

MBAs Without Borders (MWB) is bringing innovative solutions to developing countries by matching experienced business volunteers with local businesses and NGOs to unleash a big secret… Business can do Amazing Things!

MWB’s volunteers provide a wide range of business support services in Africa, Asia and Latin America which includes locations such as: Cambodia, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Ukraine and Vietnam.


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  1. […] an update to a prior post entitled “MBAs without Borders” (MWB), it has been brought to our attention through NextBillion that Agora Partnerships, […]

  2. this is just to introduce ourselves. we are striving to give quality and relevant education to adivasi children in western madhya pradesh. staying in a remote village we have been running the Adharshila Learning Centre for the past ten years. we like to call Adharshila a progressive, democratic school.
    besides the regular studies the children work on the organic farm, health programme, theatre. some of them also do business projects.
    we are looking for motivated volunteers to come and help in the work.
    any takers. feel free to ask more –

  3. Can you send us more information regarding your organization?

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