Microfinance for Macro-disasters

From Microcapital.org:

The Quick Centre, a knowledge sharing platform for microfinance practitioners, went live in February 2008 … Their aim is to serve the larger development community by facilitating the exchange of existing documentation and organizational experiences related to the practice of microfinance in disaster situations. The site advertises best practices on post-disaster microfinance support measures, microfinance as a disaster preparedness tool and disaster management for microfinance institutions.


3 Responses

  1. hi,
    i want to know more abt microfinence and i interested in this field pls guide me .

  2. Hi Vinod, a great resource for Microfinance is UNCDFs online training course, you can access it at:http://www.uncdf.org/mfdl/index.php?_mode=students.home

    Also, UYDO is a youth-led microfinance organization. It is a good resource if you want to learn more and be engaged in microfinance if you are between 15 and 25. You can learn more about UYDO at http://www.uydo.org/about

    Hope it helps

  3. Espen, thanks for passing on good resource tools. We hope more readers share their wealth of knowledge with the TCI community.

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