Bombay Screening of “My Mother, The Gharwali, Her Maalak, His Wife”

Point of View, a sex workers’ rights media advocacy organization, in collaboration with SANGRAM, a community based organization for and by women in prostitution, have both partnered up with VAMP, a collective of women in prostitution from Sangli, Maharashtra for a play entitled “My Mother, The Gharwali, Her Maalak, His Wife.”  This is not a work of fiction – the characters are real, the script is true.  But don’t expect this play to be about sex work – expect it to be about a set of extraordinary women.

The play made its debut in Hyderabad this past month, and is projected to come to Bombay form March 18th – 19th at the Prithvi Theatre.  A brief description of the play follows:

 Leena is a woman in prostitution. Leena is also a woman in love with her rickshaw-driver prince, who is suddenly talking about riding off into the sunset – alone.  ‘My Mother, The Gharwali, Her Maalak, His Wife’ looks at 24 hours in the lives of the people who live in or pass through the galli (street) in which Leena lives. Hear them speak their own stories, talk their own tales and re-imagine their own realities. What happens here in these 24 hours, happens in their galli everyday.  

For more information, go here.


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