Country Director for Aid et Action, India

From ProPoor:

Over the past twenty-six years AEAI’s operations have spread over 12 states and 3 Union Territories in India in partnership with Civil Society Organizations and through directly implemented projects.

With a staff of approximately 100 people (plus approximately 400 indirectly employed by AEAI on projects), AEAI has been working in the education sector focusing on creating access to children from disadvantaged communities.

AEAI is keen to build the leadership cadre in the South Asia region and is looking for a dynamic leader to manage the India operations. The Country Director would be expected to build and drive the India program based on the themes of AEAI, particularly in terms of:

• Mission
• Influence on public policies
• Fundraising (institutional and private).

The organization has offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The last date for applying is 28th March 2008. Interested candidates can send in their CVs with 3 references to or contact +91 22 6660 3558/6660 3559. For more information, go here.


2 Responses

  1. We were running educational activities with of support of Deepalaya – Reach India. Right now the support is discontinued, but the activities still need to continue. Hence we are seeking towars Aea for further support.

  2. We are an NGO working in Nuapada and Kalahandi districts in Orissa for the rights of children and women. Our main focus with women is women’s empowerment and with the children is “shaping the future of the neglected and deprived children” We have been addressing the issue of children’s education through non-formal schools, special schools for child labour and residential schools for tribal girls. We have already brought more than 3000 tribal and deprived children as well as child labour into the general mainstream throughour education proram.Currently we run six special schools under NCLP supported by GOI and enrolled 300 child labour in Kalahandi.However there are few thousands children who are out of this scholing system. Some of them are working as labourers. We want to do something for building their future by bringing to the educational system. Can we get some support from AEAI for our work in Kalahandi, Nuapada as a partner. Looking forward to a response.

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