Late Night Edition


Mumbai based investment firm Quantum Equity Advisors has launched a $500 million private equity fund focused on infrastructure in India. The fund christened – Q India Fund – will focus on investments in infrastructure projects and companies in India. The country needs about $500 billion up to fiscal year 2011-12 to upgrade its infrastructure, and a 30 per cent of the total spending is expected to come from private firms.

Tata BP Solar today announced that they had signed an agreement with Calyon Bank (Credit Agricole CIB) and BNP Paribas and among others, to raise 78 million dollar to fund its 128MW Solar Cell Expansion Project, which is in the advanced stages of implementation, eventually totaling 180MW solar cell manufacturing capacity.

Indicating how deep illegal kidney trade has penetrated into the country, Amritsar police on Monday claimed to have busted another racket with the arrest of six people.

The situation in Kuttanad where thousands of acres of paddy fields were submerged by summer rain over the last few days is turning out to be worse than expected. While initial estimates by the district administration pegged the loss at around Rs.5 crore, unofficial estimates point towards a loss of at least Rs.10 crore.

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