Virtual Stock Trading Portal Launched in India

As mentioned in, a new virtual stock trading portal named Khelostocks has just been launched in India.  Khelostock’s mission is as follows:

Khelostocks is a portal dedicated to educating and empowering retail investors.  Khelostocks helps budding investors to experience the dynamics of real time stocks trading at zero cost and zero risk basis. Here willing investors can test their trading fundamentals and techniques, learn new ones and turn themselves into savvy investors, before stepping into the real market.

Khelostocks provides a real time trading environment with all the trading ingredients of a cash market segment such as Intra-day trade, Delivery trade, Margin trading, Limit and Market type orders, Transfer of intraday trade position to delivery. was developed by Akhil, Sameer and Vivek.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact them.

2 Responses

  1. khelostocks is a good site for investors like me to start experimenting and finding out if trading is for them. Best part is its so close to real trading and free of any cost.

  2. While Khelostocks has been around for a while, and has probably gotten a substantial amount of feedback in terms of improving its user interface/look and feel, it doesn’t seem to have responded. This is probably due to one of four reasons:
    1. They’ve (the founders) given up / they’re no longer interested this as a business
    2. It being built part time
    3. They’re already getting enough people despite their flaws
    4. They don’t read feedback

    Given all of these, I think that there’s still room for a credible social investing site in India. Check out my post on this subject here:

    Gautam Kshatriya

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