Who knew finding a lawyer could be so easy?

With the advent of new socially minded technological ventures such as SMS-driven blood donations or cellphone-accessible teaching aids, it isn’t too surprising that legal services are now also available online.  Wait, this isn’t something new, is it?  Well, actually it is – at least in India.  The name of the website is AdvocateKhoj, and the aim is to provide Indians with a means through which to access legal services – simply, efficiently, and most importantly, for free! 

Here’s how it works:

AdvocateKhoj is a “communication platform” that helps consumers find advocates to represent their legal need. Our process completes its cycle in few steps.

1) With just a few simple clicks, you can securely post a short description of your legal needs by answering some simple questions; 2) After you post your case, our system sends out email and SMS notification to subscribed advocates to inform them about a new case posting; 3) Subscribed advocates view the case posting and reply to your case based on their discretion; 4) You can view a list of responses in your inbox, view advocate profiles and decide which advocate to hire.

According to Anoop Vincent, co-founder of AdvocateKhoj, “It’s obvious that consumers would embrace this new and unique service, as all of us prefer to make empowered and informed decisions. The search for a well-qualified lawyer or a good client should be no different.” 

Source:  MeriNews

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