Columbia Business School – India Business Conference 2008

Columbia Business School will be hosting its 4th Annual India Business Conference on Saturday, April 19th from 8:45am – 8:00pm in NYC.  Speakers include Yashwant Sinha, Kiran Karnik, Dr. Rajiv Lalal, and Amit Burman.  To read about the speakers, go here.  Below is a description of the conference:

15 years after being released from the constraints of economic and bureaucratic shackles through legislative reform, India has truly been unleashed. India’s economy now grows at 8% per annum and attracts almost $7 billion annually in foreign direct investment. India’s companies now compete for, and win, acquisitions of foreign companies in steel, pharmaceutical, and retail sectors worldwide. India’s services have become a beacon of quality and reliance throughout the world of information technology.

The 4th Annual India Business Conference at Columbia Business School invites you to take part in India’s experience. We are bringing you business people, financiers, investors, entrepreneurs, scholars, politicians, innovators, and leaders from across the globe – all of whom are intimately involved in India’s growth, success, and challenges. We welcome you to the conference to share your own experiences, to network with the speakers and other believers, or just to find out more about the interesting phenomena called India.

 To register, go here


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