Atlas Service Corps – Apply by mid-April!


Atlas Corps seeks NGO/nonprofit leaders from India (and Colombia and Ecuador) to volunteer in Washington, DC for one year and participate in their management development training program.  All expenses are paid in this prestigious fellowship program.  All candidates must have 3-8 years of experience, a college degree and be a rising leader in their field.

Apply as soon as possible to participate in this incredible program and be placed at fantastic host organizations like Grameen Foundation, Ashoka, TechnoServe, GlobalGiving, Population Action International and more. Final application deadline is mid-April but people are encouraged to apply early. All of the details are online at

Below find the Mission and Method of Atlas Corps:

Mission: To integrate a global citizen sector in order to create a global partnership for development.

Method: Atlas Corps facilitates international fellowships for rising citizen sector leaders who contribute a year of service to the U.S. These Fellows then commit to work an additional year in the citizen sector of their home country, sharing new skills, best practices, and valuable experience.

Want to learn more?  Email, or call 202-669-4497.


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