Leapfrogging into Renewables: Moser Baer taking the lead

As the Indian economy continues to grow at a scorching pace, folks everywhere are worried about the country’s energy needs. India’s thirst for resources, especially oil, is going to create a tough economic challenge in the coming years. In addition, the burden of climate change is also getting shifted to the shoulders of developing giants like India and China, as major emitters of greenhouse gases.

India for a while has taken a lead on renewable sources. However, in recent times Indian companies have started seeing exciting opportunities in renewables and greentech. Turns our India has the fourth largest installed wind power capacity in the world (source). India has already leapfrogged the west in telecom – where mobile phones networks now connect the nook and corner of the country. Clearly, renewables like solar and wind energy offer another such opportunity. Indian companies need to start investing in various parts of the renewables value chain.

One such great example is Moser Baer’s leap in the photo-voltaic space. Reuters reports that the solar division of the optical disk maker is waiting to go public (through VC Circle)

The solar energy arm of optical storage disc maker Moser Baer is looking for a initial public offer (IPO) in Nasdaq, according to a Reuters report. Morgan Stanley is probably one of the underwriters appointed by Moser Baer Photo Voltaic (MBPV), which manufactures solar cells and modules, for the proposed IPO.

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