Kal Raman aims to reshape education with GlobalScholar.com

Utilizing the power of internet technology, GlobalScholar.com is an online platform for teachers, students, administrators and other education professionals to develop, disseminate and review curriculum. The company goes one step beyond that to figure out ways to implement such curriculum into schools. Focused on K-12 education, the venture is currently searching for a CEO to head is India division.

Their platform for schools helps them create, manage and align content within schools so each students has a personalized monitor with special recommendations for each student. … [T]hey also try and get parents in the loop by sending them updates of what children are learning constantly and also supplementing those updates with material that might be useful – so its sort of a home education eco system of you might.

The platform also is able to provide online tutoring — a feature that I personally would have loved in college and even now in law school. Here is a video of the software.

The founder, Kal Raman, has now turned to India as the company’s next major market.

India has 250 Million children currently under the age of 18, so Kal believes that there is a huge market to be explored. According to research by GlobalScholar.com, other competitors such as Educomp and Everon have only been able to penetrate about 1% of the market and thus there are opportunities for many players to co exist in this industry.

WATBlog continues on to write about Raman’s background and history as well, a separate yet equally interesting read. ThinkChange India hopes to interview Kal Raman soon. Check in over the next few weeks for a podcast interview with this entrepreneur.


4 Responses

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  2. globalscholar site do not work for me. I try and try and it does not work. I need my homework done and they do not get back to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So Kal Raman the CEO of Globalscholar is actually working on taking the company IPO in India now. Gee, I wonder what happened to the IPO here… Oh I know, he screwed that off like he screwed off every other endeavor he’s undertaken. All he does at GlobalScholar is hire Yes men who are completely incompetent and dimwitted (usually Indians from his hometown or University in Chennai who know nothing about the needs of America’s highly demanding consumers). Then, he hires truly talented and very competent Americans and places them UNDER his idiotic cronies. Invariably, the smart ones leave. The suckers stay at their slave jobs because they have families to feed and they fall into Kal’s great trap. The man is as crooked as they come. He is a blood slurping SWINE. God bless him. God bless him. God bless Kal.

  4. Heard today were having another round of layoffs of white people. The company will be left stronger by having only the more technically-minded people left.

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