IIM Conference: Marketing to Rural Consumers

From April 3-5th, the Indian Institute of Management-Kozhikode (Kerala) will be hosting a conference entitled, “Marketing to Rural Consumers: Understanding and Tapping the Rural Market Potential.”  The purpose of the conference is as follows:

The emergence of rural markets as highly untapped potential emphasizes the need to explore them…Surge in the publications on rural marketing is an indicator of the interest in this emerging domain of knowledge. However, studies have been widely fragmented and time has come to consolidate the knowledge that has evolved over the past years. In consolidating the efforts, setting future directions would be possible.

The conference on “Marketing to Rural Consumers – Understanding and Tapping the Rural Market Potential” addresses this need and seeks participation from the interested academic and practicing fraternity. The conference offers an opportunity for exchange of research and practical insights related to marketing to rural consumers and disseminate the knowledge generated.

The conference is also inviting papers on the themes included in this link.  To register for this conference, go here, or contact the conference co chairs, Sanal Kumar Velayudhan (sanal@iimk.ac.in) or Dr. G. Sridhar (drgsridhar@iimk.ac.in).   

Source:  Let Me Know


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