Internship Opening: Entrepreneur Training & Business Development for Rural BPO

The purpose of this internship is to develop business for Source for Change, an all-women rural BPO, and to expand the capabilities of its local entrepreneur (Attachment here Source For Change.doc).

The interns will be responsible for:

  • Generating new business opportunities in data-entry and digitization services
  • Training a local entrepreneur and developing operational processes to deliver quality services
  • Delivering sales presentations to global organizations and MNCs
  • Developing innovative means to expand the business network of Source for Change (e.g. modifying website content)
  • Traveling to New Delhi, Jaipur and Gurgaon to meet with potential clients
  • Training employees of Source for Change in both basic and advanced computer skills\

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What interns will learn:

  • How to develop new business in rural India
  • About women’s issues in rural India
  • About on-the-ground realities of technology implementation in rural India
  • About sales & marketing of technology services
  • How to cultivate social entrepreneurship

Notes & Special Requirements:

  • Room and board are provided in a dormitory-style setting with a team of Indian Staff, Indicorps Fellows and Summer Interns
  • Dormitory facility has broadband internet access
  • Bagar is located four hours away from Jaipur and five hours from New Delhi by bus
  • You will be provided a nominal stipend which will enable you to live simply
  • Duration: minimum 10-week commitment
  • Hindi language skills are helpful, but not required
  • A passion for serving India and empowering women through technology is required

To apply for this position, please contact Gagan (details below).

Gagan Singh Rana
ranagsr [at]

About Source for Change:

SOURCE FOR CHANGE // Empowering Rural Women via Technology
Source for Change (SFC) is an all-women run BPO that seeks to revolutionize the rural landscape by generating technology-based employment that empowers women. SFC performs high-quality data-entry and digitization services for global clients at competitive rates.

One Response

  1. Hello
    I am post graduate student of social entrepreneurship at Tata institute of social sciences ,Mumbai .
    I would like to get informations how the internship are arranged in the organisation related to rural BPO.

    sushil Kumar

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