Protecting HIV/AIDS patients from discrimination

In a recent post, Vinay talked about the Health Ministry’s agenda to protect people living with HIV/AIDS from discrimination through the appointment of district-level health ombudspersons, who would take on the responsibilty of “curb[ing] the growing discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients.”  In an attempt to expand on this effort, the Health Ministry aims to pass an AIDS anti-discrimination bill in the coming monsoon season of Parliament.  Health minister Ramadoss commented on the extent of the problem:

“We will move the Bill for an Act to deter discrimination against HIV patients in workplaces, educational institutions and treatment centres. It is worrisome when doctors turn away HIV patients or corporates shun people because they are HIV positive. Another worrying factor is schools refusing admission to HIV positive children.”

The bill was prepared a few months ago by the National AIDS Control Organization, but has been pending passage since.  Currently, the bill includes the following provisions: 1) right to equality; 2) right to autonomy; 3) right to privacy and health; 4) right to safe working environment; and 5) right to information.

Source: Times of India


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  1. It sounds like India is ahead of Cambodia in this regard, if this article is anything to go on…

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