Heart Scan Capable Laptops

Currently, there are only 4 laptops of its kind in circulation in India – two in Banglalore and one each in Jaipur and Chennai.  The Trivitron t300 costs between Rs. 1.2 million and Rs. 3 million, and is “designed for general, vascular, and breast imaging, interventional radiology, image-guided intervention, endocrinology, laparoscopy, neuro-sonography and nephrology.”  The innovative aspect of the technology, says Trivitron, is the following: 

Though portable ultrasound machines are not new in India, this machine doubles up as a laptop and a multi-utility ultrasound machine. It is easy to use, carry and send body images even to your e-mail,” Director (imaging) of Trivitron Medical Systems, A B Sivasankar. 

The laptop, touted for its convenience, efficiency, and multi-functionality (including its small size), has so far won doctors’ approval:

“Now a patient or a doctor need not always go to a hospital for any kind of tests like heart scan, thyroid scan, abdomen scan and even pregnancy tests. This helps one to reach the bedside of a patient and treat him,” said a Bangalore-based radiologist Vinutha Shivakumar.

“You can do the scanning of different parts of your body and get the image printouts through the same laptop. The images can also be transferred to a PowerPoint presentation or emailed for convenience of a doctor or a patient,” Shivakumar said.

To learn more, go here.


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