Evening Edition

  • Water and environment: Cross-state water supply link will not be stopped by political maneuvering, says CM. Moving to Varanasi, the National Water Conference is underway. Finally, in protest to the company’s water usage and other environmental abuses, a UP community shuts down Coca-Cola Plant.
  • Research: First government funded stem cell research center established in Tamil Nadu
  • Government Pay: Armed Services chiefs target the Pay Commission’s recommendations. Railway workers intend to do the same.
  • Foreign Relations and Olympics: India continues to play it safe with regard to Dalai Lama and China, urging the spiritual leader to not ruffle any feathers.
  • Health: Predictions have the HIV-AIDS population to be 15% of total in Asia by 2020 without stepped up action
  • Energy: Biogass power plant to be built in Oddanchatram

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