Mumbai in 2100: Underwater

A new Greenpeace report states that by 2100, the main thoroughfares and heartbeat of India’s Gateway will be underwater, due to global warming. The Greenpeace report predicts that

a potential increase in temperatures by 4 to 5 degrees due to greenhouse emissions at the current rate would mean a corresponding rise in sea levels of up to five metres by 2100.

This, in turn, would imply that approximately 50 million Indians would be rendered homeless and become ‘climate migrants’.

Greenpeace has been spreading its message across the country with a “Blue Alert” campaign, in the hopes that the common person will start putting pressure on elected officials and bureaucrats to take climate change seriously.

Greenpeace Climate and Energy campaigner Brikesh Singh said, “We want to alert Mumbaikars to the blue future they have in store if steps are not taken to fight global warming. If we don’t act now, our city of dreams will be caught up in a never-ending nightmare, and we are the last generation that can prevent this from happening.” The ‘Blue Alert’ signs were part of a Greenpeace campaign launched in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, Panaji and Puri.

“The campaign aims at bringing home the reality of climate change to the common man and empowering people to force their MPs to speak out about the issue of climate change,” said Singh.

Greenpeace activists will slap token ‘eviction-warning’ notices on the doors of structures that may be affected. These include the homes of actors Shah Rukh Khan, Rekha and Farhan Akhtar.

3 Responses

  1. Reports like this make you wonder how imminent the year must be for the widespread public to care enough to make personal sacrifices in the developed world. 2090? 2080? do we have to go down to 2010???

  2. […] In 2 recent posts entitled, “Predicting a Shift: Climate Migrants” and “Mumbai in 2100: Underwater“, we spoke to the displacement risk faced by coastal inhabitants as a result of rising water […]

  3. hi this is ganesh from mumbai,
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    plz contact me on 919869324013

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