Featured Interview: NGO Post

Recently, we interviewed Nitin Gupta, co-founder of NGO Post, about the vision and mission of their site, including plans for expansion in the future.  Please find a summary of the interview below: 

About NGO Post:

Nitin Gupta and Parul Gupta’s passion lies in building connections between NGOs around the world.  Their method, however, is an unconventional one.  The name of their online portal is NGO Post, the goal of which is to adopt cutting-edge Web 2.0 technologies to enable NGOs to share information, catalyze meaningful discussions, and build relationships with peer organizations from around the globe.  One of the most important Web 2.0 elements of the site is the ability of users to submit and rate stories through a simple, Digg.com-like interface, a process which empowers NGO Post users to set their own terms for information and idea exchange.

The idea is an inherently revolutionary (and bold) one – after all, only you, the user, can know what best suits your needs in terms of news, information, and networking.  The site, therefore, serves as a catalyst for enabling the exchange of ideas and information through the most knowledgeable party of all – the users themselves.  In the future, Nitin and the other developers of NGO Post hope to expand to an interface that allows for more advanced interaction between users, including a multi-dimensional events calendar searchable by location and issues and the further personalization of stories, thereby enabling users to get access to recommendations/resources regarding their work.

Nitin Gupta’s biography: 

Nitin  has a long-standing interest in web-applications and social work, which come together beautifully in NGO Post. He has prior experience in building small websites and applications, including HindiKalam.com, a popular online transliteration tool from English to Hindi. As a founding member of Shiksha Sopan in Kanpur (India) and Udai at San Diego (USA), he has been involved in several service-related projects, including collaborations with non-profit organizations in India and US.

Nitin is currently a PhD candidate in bioinformatics at University of California, San Diego, and holds a bachelors in computer science from IIT Kanpur. He is also a passionate squash player. 

Parul Gupta’s biography:

Prior to NGO Post, Parul worked closely with several non-profit organizations in India related to education, child welfare and health and disabilities in a variety of roles including event organization, fundraising as well as spreading awareness. It was these experiences that contributed to a keen understanding of the challenges different groups face while working towards similar goals

She holds a Bachelor of Technology from IIT Bombay and Masters of Science from University of California Los Angeles, both in Electrical engineering. 

4 Responses

  1. Dear Sir, Respectfully I beg to state that I want to membership in your organization. I hubly solicit your positive response to my appeal for the said above.
    Thanking you Sir,
    Chiranjib Nath
    South Hazarapar, Tezpur Assam India -784001

  2. Chiranjib,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us!

    More involvement from our readers is exactly what we are looking for! How is it that you would like to get involved? What is your background? What are your interests, specifically? How can we help?

    The ThinkChangeIndia team

  3. Respected Sir ? Madam
    I have the honour to inform you that I want working through your organization in any post in locality here. So .If have any post for here in assam kindly intimation me ,If possible.
    Sir, I am a arts gaduate and black belt in wadu karate also state secretary of state ball badminton,skateball Association.Also i have been working as a State and disrict executive member in Fencing, Archury, handball ,judo Association and I founded Amar Jyoti Sangha(1979).Whice is famouse club in here,Where by we have organizing our festival each year.

  4. dear sir/madam,

    i am edwin, mba graduate
    after my ug i worked in a social work organization for 3 yrs, now i finished mba, i want to continue to work in ngos, kindly refer me for any managerial post in this sector

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