Kavita Ramdas speaks on women’s rights

Kavita Ramdas, the current President and CEO of the Global Fund for Women sat down with Britt Bravo of Have Fun Do Good, to speak on women’s rights across the globe.

“I think there are many different ways in which you define leadership. As a feminist, and as a feminine feminist, I truly believe that we don’t do a very good job in the United States of believing that you can lead by serving, and I think the United States needs to think deeply about being in service of the rest of the world.”

The Global Fund for Women is the largest independent grant-making body in this field and so her words carry a lot of weight. The text of the interview can be found here. Or if you want to listen to her speak, a podcast is below.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Vinay!

    Thanks for sharing the interview with your readers. How did you get the player to embed on your site? Is the audio player a WordPress feature, or from someone else? I’d love to know.

    Best wishes,


  2. Britt,

    It is good to know that you have been checking out our site. Basically, you just have to add a [audio= ] and include the link. So in this instance the code was the following:


  3. hope that helps.

  4. Hi Vinay,

    Good to know! I can’t get it to work on Blogger.com at the moment, but I’ll keep trying.



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