Various Trainings/Workshops – CSR, Participatory Learning, and Livelihoods Promotion

We thought you might find the following trainings/workshops of particular interest. If you happen to attend any of these events, please let us know how useful you found them to be:

1. Workshop on Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility, 24-25 April, Chennai

The programme will help participants to increase their awareness of the CSR and its various components. They will also learn how to design their programmes keeping in mind the interests of the company’s stakeholders, including employees and local communities, and enable them to make value added contributions towards building the company’s brand image and reputation.

The registration deadline for this workshop is April 15th.

2. Training Programme on the Techniques of Participatory Learning and Action (PLA), 26-31 May, Bangalore

Read more after the break.

Participatory Learning & Action (PLA) is a flexible, innovative and non-structured method of planning and designing programmes, which has the ability to change attitudes and lives of the people in the community. In the context of NGOs, PLA techniques have been found to be crucial and critical factor for empowering the community, as these ultimately aim at changing levels of knowledge, attitude and behavior of the community.

The objectives of the programme are:

  1. to develop in the participants an understanding of concept, principles and techniques of PLA;
  2. to highlight the need and importance of PLA techniques for community participation especially for women and child welfare/development programmes;
  3. to impart theoretical and practical training in conducting PLA; and

Nomination for participants must be sent to the National Institute Public Cooperation and Child Development ( by the 25th of April.

3. Training Programme on Business Planning for Livelihoods Promotion, 23-26 April, Hyderabad

Access Livelihoods Consulting India (ALC India) invites “development professionals who are working in livelihoods promotion at the grassroot level, in technical support organizations, government, and other development agencies working with rural, peri-urban, and urban communities.”

The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To understand the basic concepts of business planning
  2. To provide the skill to develop collective and individual business enterprises
  3. To assist potential entrepreneurs in determining the feasibility and viability of their enterprises
  4. To help prepare marketing and production plans for enterprises

    Registration forms must be received by April 21st. Also check out the following training programme: “Livelihoods Promotion for Urban Poor.”

    Source: ProPoor

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