Comments have been made even easier!

Hey ThinkChange India community,

Thank you so much to everyone that has decided to become a part of this growing community. We are truly grateful for your readership and participation and we hope that we are providing all of you with a valuable resource.

We here have great news with regard to commenting on posts. We have now set it up where you no longer need to login to wordpress to post. If that was preventing any of you from posting before, have no fear, that is no longer required. You can even post anonymously now!!! So please start contributing your ideas and opinons to the blog.

Along these lines we have also changed the Contact page to allow for you to more easily send us suggestions, leads to stories and other ideas to improve the blog. Instead of having to email us, you can simply type it directly into the suggestion box. So please take advantage of that resource as well.

Thanks again!

The ThinkChange India Team


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