UNIFAD Seeks Innovative Remittance Proposals

The UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development is looking for innovative remittance schemes to invest $13 million into. The initiative is labeled the Financing Facility for Remittances (FFR) 2008 and the proposals need should focus on “[p]romoting innovative remittance systems and investment channels for migrants.” The objectives are the following:

* Improve remittance transmission and access to remittance services in rural areas
* Link remittances to financial services and products in rural areas
* Develop innovative and productive rural investment channels and opportunities for migrants and community-based organizations

The funding here will be substantial, and the first deadline is for proposals is May 30th.

Through a four-phase competitive process, the FFR will award grant financing of up to USD 250,000 per project to eligible institutions, to be implemented within a two-year period. Applicants must provide a minimum counterpart contribution of 20 percent of the amount requested (or 30 percent for projects in the Latin America and the Caribbean region), of which at least half should be in cash.

[Source: Microcapital.org]


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  1. This FFR thing really seems to have taken off lately. I have been noticing its popularity just by looking at my search query stats.

    A few months ago, I published an FFR-related article on my blog that has attracted a surprising amount of traffic from Google. The funny part is that when I clicked through to see where my article was ranked, it was only showing up at #16 in Google, yet I was getting around 20-40 hits per day just to that one page.

    About two weeks ago, Google apparently dropped the page into their supplemental index and I am no longer receiving traffic to it (with the exception of a few hits from Yahoo and MSN), but it might be interesting to see how many hits I can bring in if I actually get some backlinks to the page and bring it back up in the rankings.

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