TC-I is looking for Part-Time Writers

Organizational Background

ThinkChange India is the fastest growing blog focused on social entrepreneurship and social innovation in India. Within its first ten weeks, the blog achieved 16,000 page-views, and is currently averaging 400 unique hits a day. Our goal is to be the primary source of information/analysis on social innovation and social entrepreneurship in the context of India. In addition, we also hope to build an online community of passionate change-makers invested in India’s development through the vehicle of social entrepreneurship.


We are currently looking for part-time writers for the blog. The writers will have an opportunity to cover breaking news in the field of social entrepreneurship, research and write posts for the blog, and have a say in which social entrepreneurs the blog features. Other key opportunities include:

  • Networking with and interviewing leading social entrepreneurs for the TC-I Changemakers feature of the blog. TC-I Changemakers has already featured / will feature social entrepreneurs from leading organizations like Pratham, NGOPost,, Pratham Books and Global Fund for Children
  • Familiarizing yourself with the latest trends in the field of social entrepreneurship
  • Developing valuable journalistic writing skills
  • Creating a name recognition for yourself in the field
  • Being a part of an innovative start-up and a fun team

What are we looking for

  • Passion for social change and interest in social entrepreneurship in India
  • Keen interest in writing
  • Previous blogging preferred but not necessary
  • Be able to make a commitment towards posting at least 5-6 times a week
  • Not taking life too seriously (we already highlighted the fun aspect, didn’t we?)

Apply now

  • All we need is a ten page essay on social entrepreneurship in India

No, seriously, just send a resume and a small writing sample in the form of a sample blog post that would be appropriate for ThinkChange India, and we will let you know if we think you are a good match.

Email your applications to


6 Responses

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  4. Santosh,

    Thank you for your comments. Would you like to write a guest post on this topic for us?

    Vinay @ TC-I

  5. a writer can serve to his country through his pen. a writer becomes immortal through his writing. be confident of your success in this field

  6. what will be the likely renumeration?

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