Start-ups gain from entrepreneurial education

Indian start-ups will gain from the increasing trend in business schools to offer the services of their students in developing business plans and conducting analyses – in return, students have an incredible opportunity to work with some of the most innovative start-ups in the country and gain practical experience before they even graduate. Mint reports:

Such programmes, B-schools believe, are mutually beneficial. Start-ups, smaller in size and often working on shoestring budgets and limited resources, cannot engage consultants typically used by larger corporate houses.
First-time entrepreneurs can find themselves out of depth while dealing with the financial or marketing side of the company. A team of student consultants preparing to take on management roles might be better-equipped in such situations. For start-ups, this gives them an opportunity to tap into the university’s resources and network of contacts including plugging into venture capital firms.

The top business schools in India are all looking to integrate this concept into their curricula. Now they just need to take it one step further and find opportunities for their students to contribute toward social ventures and start-ups, which would allow them to learn from truly innovative and unique models while learning about issues that are not traditionally covered in business schools.

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