First ever National Conference of Rural BPOs

Byrraju Foundation (a philanthropic foundation founded by Satyam head B. Ramalinga Raju and his family in 2001), is organizing India’s first National Conference of Rural BPOs named ‘Jyotismay’. The conference is to be held on 16th May, 2008 in Hyderabad, and you can register to participate in the conference through this link. It is important to note that the foundation also runs a pioneering Rural BPO outfit called GramIT.

The conference is an effort to provide collective voice to the Rural BPO industry which is still at its nascence. As we have noted in this space before, although there has been intense media coverage and interest in Rural BPO pilots across the country, the net job creation by the industry is still minimal. However, a national conference where Rural BPO players from across the country can come together and learn could be the right trigger to create a large-scale movement.


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  1. […] Posted on May 21, 2008 by Shital At the first national conference on rural BPOs, as mentioned previously by Santhosh, the real spotlight was on women. Business processing organizations all over […]

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