Social Responsbility in IIMA’s curriculum?

Its about time the country’s top business school started incorporating social responsibility into its a curriculum (I would think its probably running late by a few years). But, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) is going through a once in a decade syllabus revision process and one of changes include a asking students to take up a two-week internship with social organizations [via ET]:

In order to highlight the need for coporates’ social responsibility, the committee feels that students be given an option to join a social organisation for internship in their first year. However, students not interested in joining social organisations may opt for writing a case study as an option.

IIMA should learn from other leading business schools in India and abroad which have done a lot more to integrate social responsibility into their curriculum. For instance, SPJIMR, the Mumbai based business school has mainstreamed a fairly well recieved internship program where students work with NGOs and social ventures during a part of thier summer. The key is to make social responsibility a core part of the discourse, not just an additional requirement forced upon the students.

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