India has a Eco-Label, really?

I was a little shocked when I heard that the Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), Government of India launched a eco-labelling scheme called ‘Ecomark’ in 1991:

To increase consumer awareness, the Government of India launched the eco-labelling scheme known as `Ecomark’ in 1991 for easy identification of environment-friendly products. Any product which is made, used or disposed of in a way that significantly reduces the harm it would otherwise cause the environment could be considered as Environment-Friendly Product

I’m pretty clueless how many products are there out there carrying the ‘Ecomark’ label. Given that ‘green products’ market is quite nascent in India, I would argue that the scheme was lauched way ahead of its time. May be its time to renew the ‘Ecomark’, and timing could not be any better. Given that the label is already there, its probably up to the manufacturers to get their products certified. However, the government can also help by simplyfying the approval process and also creating awareness about the eco-lablel.


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