Your Thoughts: BoP critical issue in upcoming elections?

From the Acumen Fund Blog (click for entire post):

The next Indian general elections are due soon, and one crucial battle line in the upcoming election will be the parties’ interest in addressing the bottom of the pyramid

While Congress and BJP have their own versions of the addressing inclusive growth, the truth is that the bottom of the pyramid will have much to cheer about no matter which party comes to power.

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3 Responses

  1. “that the bottom of the pyramid will have much to cheer about no matter which party comes to power”

    I dont really see what the so-called “BoP” will have to cheer about. In fact, I don’t even know what the author is meaning to say when used uses the word ‘bottom of the pyramid’ almost like a noun.

  2. A couple of points that I feel should be noted while reading the article:

    1. Let us not read too much into what politicians and their manifesto say. Emancipation of poor (aka BoP) has been the motto of all of them.

    2. The challenge is not just “last mile”. A lot of times its about the starting mile itself – a la Vidarbha – wherein the government takes important decisions which are not backed by sound logic – common or otherwise

    3. There, indeed, has been a proliferation of efforts – public, private, combined – targeted towards Bottom of the Pyramid. In my opinion they will continue, largely unaffected by the central government of the day, though the state governments do hold the keys to a lot of opportunities in their hands.

  3. Political manifestos are and will be largely driven by popularity measures larger loan wavers, subsidies and other populist tactics. What matters is how much of it is delivered to BOP ? I guess all of us know it never reaches them and the vicious circle of poverty continues forever.

    BOP is defintiely attractive slice to business who can clearly see huge profits in face of social responsibility. The question for me is who builds the capacity at BOP to negotiate these models & choose the one matches their needs. Is the state ready to act as a nuetral negotiator in such partnerships. Or are they interested in their share of the pie & safeguarding vote bank?

    Its high time to end this notional benefit of public private partnerships for BOP and start delivering !

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