Yunus inspires a bollywood movie character

Once in a while, its not uncommon to see a Bollywood movie taking on a pertinent social issue and the same time striving to be commercially successful. On that spirit, the latest bollywood release titled Summer 2007, is taking on the issue of farmer suicides in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra [via Reuters India]

In “Summer 2007,” which opens in cinemas on Friday, five medical
students from Mumbai stray into a village, unprepared for the deaths
and misery they encounter there.

“They get embroiled into this whole saga of who’s responsible, why
is there so much poverty and disparity,” said Atul Pandey, the film’s

The film also explores the possibility of micro credit as a solution
and has a character inspired by Mohammad Yunus, the 2006 Nobel peace
prize winner and founder of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh’s biggest
micro-credit institution.

Click here for past TC-I stories on the farmer suicides.


2 Responses

  1. the issue is great but it’s portrayal was not upto the mark!!!!

  2. Many people make transition from employee to entrepreneur every year. Most of them fail because they are not ready to change. It is on a different league when you are working and starting your own business. I have noticed several important point you have to consider before becoming an entrepreneur.

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