Breakthrough Management – Reaching out to a wider customer base

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The Economic Times calls it “Nano effect!”. The article discusses how Indian companies are undertaking innovations – in processes as well as products – to create cheaper, better adn more eco-friendly products. One of the products mentioned is the Rs 2500 refrigerator for Dharavi slum dwellers. A couple of more inventions are mentioned with promises that many more exist.

[Article Excerpt]

Godrej & Boyce is developing a Rs 2,500 refrigerator for Dharavi slum dwellers. Then Chennai-based Brakes India has found out a way to convert slag into construction material. Similarly, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of digital & analog offset plates, TechNova Imaging Systems, has invented a digital plate that can cut down the cost of commercial printing by almost 90%.

“Breakthrough management is all about creating new markets in the fast growing economy. India and China have been growing very fast during recent times, and hence, companies here need to adopt business strategies for creating new markets,” says Prof Shiba, who visits India regularly on a CII programme on breakthrough management.

This short article brings forth a few important points:

1. Concept and importance of Breakthrough Management(BM) and Disruptive Innovation(DI)

2. BM and DI can be used in big industries too

3. India Inc. is playing a commendable role in this field – a far cry from its earlier reputation of a copy cat and a low quality goods manufacturer

It also throws up an important question – many of these innovations put hitherto costly things, within the reach of a bigger chunk of the population. Not all of these innovations are eco-friendly leave alone being carbon neutral. So are we faced with a dichotomy of putting the common man at ease or saving the environment or is there a middle path that exists? We are listening.


2 Responses

  1. Which is the digital printing plate developed by technova that can cut the cost by almost 90%?
    Kindly give detailed inforamtion or link it to relevant article before making such assumptions.

  2. Naveen, Thanks for your comment and interest. Link to the relevant article is the first thing in this post. But I am guessing, what you are asking for is link to the article that talks about the digital printing plate in detail.

    The purpose of this post was to highlight points mentioned towards the end. The digital plate from Technova was cited by the article aforementioned and has been reproduced on the post as an excerpt. At the same time, we do strive to provide as much information as possible to collate feasibly.

    Do stay tuned for more information on Technova Systems’ invention/innovation. Thanks again.

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