Job Opportunity with BRAC Development Institute

Please contact ajaita.shah[at] if you are interested in applying for the following:

BRAC Development Institute, BRAC University, Bangladesh

Seeking Young Professionals

for a Challenging Career in International Development

BRAC Development Institute (BDI) is looking for bright, young professionals, interested in an exciting career in development and research.  Selected applicants will be part of a core team that will coordinate different research activities and help build up the Institute. The team will be based in Dhaka and have access to the different activities of BRAC and a wide range of other development organizations.  

The recently created BRAC Development Institute seeks to promote research and build knowledge on practical solutions to problems of the poor in the global South.  It is anchored in the basic ethos of BRAC – developing solutions to the challenges of poverty, inequity, exclusion and social injustice. BDI is a space for academics and practitioners in the South (or working in the South) to come together to raise critical questions on development. It will build knowledge around exciting initiatives in the South, focus on developing new ideas and new strategies, pilot test such ideas and provide important lessons on good practices for practitioners, policy makers and funders.

Core research areas of BDI include:

  • social protection and pathways for the poorest to graduate out of extreme poverty
  • financial services and access for poorer clients
  • women’s empowerment and changes in gendered power relations
  • democratic governance and social accountability at the local level
  • climate change and urban poverty
  • value chains and building markets for the poor

In addition BDI runs a Master’s in Development Studies program and offers other academic courses.

Applicants can be from any academic discipline but must be committed to working with the poor and in rural areas.  They need to have excellent writing and communication skills, be detail oriented and work well in team. A Masters degree is preferred but a Bachelor’s degree with two years of relevant work experience will also be acceptable. Applicants need to commit to at least two years of work with the Institute.  If interested send in a resume with two writing samples and names of two referees to Ajaita Shah (ajaita.shah[at]


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