New India Ventures looking for Country Director

Applications are due September 19th for what appears to be a very ambitious and admirable organization.

New Ventures is a business accelerator that works toward long-term,
sustainable natural resource use by supporting environmentally- and
socially-responsible enterprises in emerging economies. We identify
profitable small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) that generate
unique social and environmental benefits and provide them with business
advisory services and access to capital. Additionally, we work with
local and international investment communities and networks to help
further develop capital resources available to these enterprises. Since
its inception in 1999, New Ventures has supported 178 sustainable
enterprises worldwide and helped facilitate over US $120 million in
investment into these enterprises. In collaboration with local
partners, New Ventures operates non-profit centers of sustainable
entrepreneurship in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, China, Indonesia
and India

[Source:] Click here for a pdf of the job.


2 Responses

  1. Good job. Natural resource are to be conserve in the rural areas. could you please brief about the project ongoing in India.

  2. Agreed natural resources should be preserved.

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