Job Opportunities with the Centre for Microfinance

The Centre for Microfinance, an organization that focuses on research, training, and strategy for MFIs, posted about exciting new job opportunities:

The Centre for Micro Finance (CMF) has recently posted several new job openings, and we thought that some of this blog’s readers may be interested. New positions include:
• Programme Head – Analytics Unit
• Regional Field Director – West Zone
• Visual Basic Programmer

To learn more, check out the job openings section of CMF’s website, linked here. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

3 Responses

  1. i am working MFI in last 3years, if you to me any good opeartunte i can join to job.

  2. I have got 12 years experience in Social sector as well as community development programmes and 3 years in Micro Finance Sector. At present I am working as a Regional Manager in a Leading Micro Finance Sector. My strengths planning, process documentation, monitoring and report generation. If there is any oppurtunity let me know I may be one of your wining team member

  3. Your blog post is stunning. Thanks!!

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