October 15th is Blog Action Day

Poverty! That is the subject of discusion for Blog Action Day 2008. Into its second year, the aim of Blog Action Day is to bring together bloggers and create a discussion. Every year a subject is selected – last year the topic was environment. Rules are very few and the idea is to initiate a discussion which flows into every direction possible – starting from what poverty means to different people to what can be done to alleviate or eradicate poverty. The event has considerable support from organizations and last year’s edition attracted considerable participation and coverage.

We feel that Blog Action Day (and other online events on the same lines), has the ability to contribute towards tackling social issues in multiple ways:

  • It helps create a platform for people to generate ideas and put forth these ideas for public review.
  • It facilitates discussions and brainstorming sessions among an interested group of people.
  • It helps develop a network of people/organizations who can partner, develop synergies and work together to take forward their work beyond the timeline of a single event.
However, for ensuring success of such events and more importantly, for ensuring that such events remain relevant to the cause, it important the organizers of such events keep their ears to the ground. This time, we hope to see statistics not only in terms of number of blogs and total readership, but also some numbers related to tangible benefits accruing from the event.

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  1. […] Posted on October 15, 2008 by Shital Today, October 15th, is Blog Action Day, and as Aishwarya mentioned before, the theme this year happens to be “poverty” – a topic that TC-I touches on in all of […]

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