TC-I Welcomes Badhri Jagannathan as Part-Time Writer

The ThinkChange India Team is proud to introduce Badhri as one of our new part-time bloggers. An avid blogger in the social entrepreneurship space already, Badhri will bring a unique perspective and energy to the TC-I community. He is a graduate of the University of Madras, Chennai and has a MS from Wright State University. Currently he is working as an Applications Engineer for Synopsys India Pvt. Ltd in Hyderabad, where he heads Corporate Social Responsibility.

Badhri also regularly voices his thoughts on his own blog, Targeting The Roots, that like TC-I started out of a team of friends. The goal of the blog is to help rid of social ills and to improve people’s standard of living. He is also a regular contributor to NGOpost. When not on his comupter, you can find him nose deep in a good book or watching the most recent movie of critical acclaim.

Welcome to the team Badhri!


3 Responses

  1. Thanks TC-I! Its a pleasure! 🙂

  2. Welcome badhri!!

  3. Hi Badri..was good to meet u ppl last week. Ur team memeber ( Lawyer) had given out an org name that sells handicrafts etc made by artisans. Can u pls chk and let me know. I forgot the name!!!

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