[TC-I Call-to-Action]: Monitor Inclusive Markets

Monitor Inclusive Markets is looking for a new Chief-of-Staff! More information follows:

Monitor Inclusive Markets a new practice within the India office that aims to establish Monitor as a thought leader, both in India and globally, within the realm of market-based solutions for social change. We will do this by identifying commercially viable business models that have the potential to address some of the enormous social challenges that face India and similar emerging economies at scale – for instance, low cost health care, low income housing, high quality education for the poor, the enhancement of agricultural livelihood’s, and more.

This has led us to evaluate or even develop product, service, and livelihood innovations like:

  • Village level filtration plants that can provide clean drinking water for less than 2.5 US cents/12 liters
  • No-frills hospitals that provide doctor-attended labor and delivery for about US$40
  • Agricultural enterprises that export fruit and vegetables to Europe and elsewhere while providing 125% income increase for thousands of farmers with just 2-4 acres of land each
  • Primary schools that can outperform public schools while charging under $4/month per child
  • Business models that provide housing ownership and housing finance to urban Indians earning as little as US$200/month, without any government subsidies.

A description of the Chief-of-Staff position follows:

We are looking for a Chief of Staff to join the team at this stage. The Chief of Staff would be the point person for the CEO of the team and would be responsible for coordination, strategic relationship management, communication and targeted analysis. This is an excellent opportunity to get an overview of the social sector and market based solutions. To be at the frontline of helping develop scale interventions in the social sector. To learn from an experienced business leader about key organizational issues and how to address them.

If you meet the criteria and are interested, please send your resume and a letter telling Monitor why this opportunity interests you to naina_batra@monitor.com

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