Changing the Face of Public Health: Click Diagnostics

This winter, through the gracious support of the Social Equity Venture Fund (S.E.VEN), I will be working in Cairo, Egypt with Click Diagnostics, a mobile tele-health social enterprise venture that recently won the $100K Entrepreneurship Competition hosted yearly at MIT. As mentioned in previous posts relating to cellphones and development, mobile technology seems to be the next frontier in terms of poverty alleviation. In this case, the focus is on the delivery of high-quality, affordable healthcare to rural populations in developing countries.

Currently, the organization is in the start-up stage, and is piloting its implementation model in several areas, including Egypt. For the benefit of those who would like to learn more about Click Diagnostics’ for-profit model, a more detailed description follows:

The Need: The confluence of four critical factors has led to what Click Diagnostics believes is a global health mandate – 1) a severe scarcity of doctors in rural areas, 2) the relative abundance of medical expertise in urban areas, 3) the presence of trainable community health workers and local-level micro-entrepreneurs, and 4) the rapid penetration of relatively inexpensive mobile technology into the markets of developing countries.

The Model:
Click Diagnostics employs a mobile tele-health model to connect locally trained community health workers with a remote, web-based network of medical specialists. Through the integration of inexpensive technology, locally trained community health workers, and remote medical expertise, Click Diagnostics aims to provide a sophisticated end-to-end healthcare service delivery chain for “remote diagnosis and consultation, health risks screening, early warning systems, and health data analysis.”

The Vision: Click Diagnostics aims to “provide quality medical advice to every household in disadvantaged regions of the world at an affordable price, and develop cost-effective solutions for gathering critical data needed for planning and executing public health interventions.”

12 Responses

  1. Sounds like something that our 47 million uninsured Americans could well benefit from too…

  2. Its a nice model….needs to prove the efficiency by overcoming potential hinderances especially when ones talking about rural area in India,…what I mean is level of Education, Motivation needed…etc….Iam sure the makers of this one must have thought of the solutions of the same,….however would like to know more about it…

  3. Click Diagnostics has a fantastic vision towards their health services and their way of thinking is quite different in providing their services.

  4. you should investigate the e-swasthya programme being run by piramal foundation… seems very similar

  5. Thank you for your comments. Betsy – interesting sentiment. Currently, Click Diagnostics is piloting its service delivery model in Egypt. Once the model has been rigorously tested in the field, there is potential for exponential expansion, especially into new markets.

    Dr. Dinesh – great points. Access, infrastructure, adequate training, capacity – all of these are definitely issues that must be taken into consideration. Due to the low infrastructure needed to take this project off the ground, however, there is significant potential for scale. The key is to leverage pre-existing resources and networks, and create a platform for quality, cost-effective healthcare delivery.

    Bagarite – I’m not sure if you know Pulkit Agrawal, but he is currently working as an Indicorps Fellow in Bagar, and mentioned the E-Swasthya project to me recently. I will certainly follow up.

  6. Sounds like something that our 47 million uninsured Americans could well benefit from too…

  7. Linking mobile technology and health is something I’ve been researching – glad to hear about this and would definitely like to be updated on its progress. Is there any possibility of joining a similar effort elsewhere? Thanks!


  8. I loved to see that there is so much support for micro-entrepreneurship here. This is definitely something that needs to be replicated to North America!

  9. i really like to see that much support for micro-entrepreneurship.

  10. i wish you ..

    Muscle Morph

  11. thanks for this ……..

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