Information sharing improves earning capacity of farmers

About 138 farmers in Pune stand to gain in their productivity today thanks to their membership to Abhinav Farmer’s Club. According to a report in Business Standard, Dnyaneshwar Bodke, using his education in Horticulture Training Center founded the club to share his knowledge on farming exotic fruits, vegetables and flowers to his fellow farmers in 2004.  Funded by National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) and Canara Bank this club since then seems to have transformed into a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing platform in which farmers brainstorm various aspects of farming. As a result, the sophistication of their farming methods and their productivity seems to have vastly improved.

“Traditional farming compelled the farmers to wait for the required weather conditions to start farming. But, since we do our business in greenhouses and sheds, we are able to control the conditions in which the crops grow. That’s the reason why we are able to excel as we don’t have to depend on nature for the right time to begin,” adds Bodke.

How has this helped the stakeholders? Apart from earning bounties to the farmers, this has also provided employment to over 700 others in the periphery.

The numbers are there for all to see. In 2007, AFC produced 13.2 million flowers and some 250 tonnes of vegetables. Its yearly turnover is a little above Rs 10 crore. Farmers affiliated to the club use drip irrigation and operations in the farms are labour intensive. This keeps their costs under check.

The example set by Abhinav Farmer’s Club along with and the now famous e-Choupal initiative by ITC seems to support the point that access to information is probably the best way to empower the rural India – a point valued by Comat Technologies, a successful social business earlier covered by ThinkChange India.

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  1. good job

  2. veary good

  3. salute for the effort to help farmers. I would like to know further about Abhinav Farmer Club, would you please give me their contact?

  4. I would like to go there and learn their methodology…could you give me their contact numbers…

  5. would you please give me their contact?

  6. Could you please give me the address & phone No of Nivrutti Bodke,so i could contact him,reg:-Abhinav Farmers Club.

  7. The concept is excellent. When we consider the traditional farming v/s the farming that Mr.Bodke is curently doing at Mann the view will change totally. Thanks !

  8. such efforts are need to be cherished , india indeed need farmers to join such activities

  9. Sir,
    Goodmorning, today i red an artical about abhinav formers club in eenadu sunday 15 july 2012. I am verymuch impressed with the comment,A FORMER WITHOUT LAND IS AHUMANBODY WITH NO SOUL. Iam a retaired employee doing agriculture, Iwold like to join in Abhinav formers club please let me know the prosesur. THANQUE SIR.

  10. dear all.after reading abhinav article, I was sooo impressed. i met Mr bodke & started spending my time with the group to get more knowledge…but dear all I came to know Mr Bodke is just fooling us.He said his turn over is 21Cr.but in real its NOT even 21 lac.if u dont trust me,u can ask for his doc.also he is fooling lot of poor farmers…citizens..please be aware

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