Ride on the Internet Bus

Using a mobile bus (such as the Nandini Mobile Van, which focuses on sanitation) is a popular method to do outreach to rural or underexposed areas.  Google India is launching their Internet Bus Project, an initiative that is essentially a mobile exhibition of the Internet.   The bus will provide an introductory look at the Internet and its services.   The project focuses on Tamil Nadu and aims to reach people that are not currently using the Internet.

The Internet Bus Project is an attempt educate people about what the Internet is, and how it may be beneficial to their lives, by taking the Internet experience to them through a customised Internet-enabled bus, which will travel to several towns and cities across India.

As the Google India blog states, there is potential in equalizing many playing fields through the Internet.  Additionally, this project highlights content in both English and Tamil, allowing larger segments of the population to participate and really understand the value of the web.  The video below is used as an introduction – complete with a song in Tamil.  Also be sure to take a look at the Internet Bus Project site, which has photos of the high-tech vehicle and tracks the route as the bus moves around the southern state.

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  1. Hello All
    I came to know about this noble way to reach untouched rural area. This has a direct link to create an interest among rural folks to education, what I feel. As I have an inclination towards social entrepreneurship, I would like to know if I can utilize this idea in my interior part of Orissa and would like to know the whole idea and know-how about the operation. And what are the financial implication of the project as well.

    Hope to get an early reply.


  2. Subhasis, please go to the Google Internet Bus Project or Google India website, which are linked in the article, so that they can answer your questions. Thanks!

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  4. Your work seems to be informative. Thanks!

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