Quiz: India’s most Innovative company?

Here is the quiz:  Which of the following Indian organizations made it to the Fast Company’s list of 50 most Innovative companies in the world?

1. Infosys
2. Wipro
3. Dr. Reddys Labs
4. Aravind Eye Care System

The answer is 4. Aravind Eye Care System! Its remarkable. Aravind is the only Indian organization in the Fast Company 50 list and shares the honors with many other with others like Google, Cisco, Intel, Apple and the Obama Campaign (Yes, you heard me right!)

Below is the excerpt from Fast Company:

The network of not-for-profit hospitals and vision centers performs 300,000 eye surgeries each year — 70% for free — using broadband connections to on-call doctors in city hospitals for instant diagnosis. Camps in rural areas screen thousands of patients weekly. “We are going from village to village to provide eye care to the unreached,” says Aravind’s chairman, Dr. P. Namperumalsamy. Aravind won the 2008 Gates Award for Global Health.

Well, the folks in the Indian media need to take note. We have never seen Aravind in the list of India’s Most Innovative Companies in the past (where it rightfully belongs)

Click here to see our previous coverage on Aravind.

3 Responses

  1. Why is that surprising?? Indian for profit companies are not breaking much ground. It is the social sector where the innovation is happening.


  2. You are right Dhruv – we should not be surprised! However, the social sector being innovative that the private sector is very commonly held belief – but between the both of us, we know its true!

  3. I had a chance to see presentations on Aravind Eye Care at the International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship in Dec and then at a class in CSIM a few weeks back. The beauty is that a lot of innovation that they have done is in terms of processes.

    In my opinion Indian for profit companies are also innovating, incrementally if not disruptive-ly. Bajaj, Tata (Ace and Nano), Acme Tele Power are some examples which I can see. Can we not call them innovations?

    But yes the social sector is very vibrant at this point and bubbling with energy.

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