[TC-I Call to Action]: Schools for Entrepreneurs Grant Competition

Via NGO Post, a competition held by Teach A Man To Fish called Schools for Entrepreneurs aims “to find the best school-based income-generating initiatives in India, projects which are both educational and financially sustainable.”

From student-run cybercafés funding classroom improvements, to schoolyard chicken-runs laying aside profits to pay for books, the competition aims to encourage education initiatives to come up with ways to boost their financial resources at the same time as teaching practical and business skills to their students.

Winners will receive the funding and consultancy support needed to help turn their ideas into reality.

The deadline to apply is April 1, 2009.

2 Responses

  1. good morning
    i am very intrested in bringing change in education.
    guide me in good way .

    thanking you

  2. Hi Vinay,
    Just as what I said to you in the earlier mail, why don’t you employ the mother of the assistant whom I have chosen for the candidate registered by me for the Eklavya Book Academy in the Physics Category,so that she can work with the candidate on the same category,Please reply to my mail as soon as you can

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