Aravind Eye Care System wins the Gates Award for Global Health

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation just announced that the Madurai based Aravind Eye Care System wins the $1 million Gates Award—the world’s largest prize for international health which honors extraordinary efforts to improve health in developing countries. By winning the award Aravind Eye Hospital, founded by the visionary social entrepreneur Dr. G. Venkataswamy, the […]

Quiz: India’s most Innovative company?

Here is the quiz:  Which of the following Indian organizations made it to the Fast Company’s list of 50 most Innovative companies in the world? 1. Infosys 2. Wipro 3. Dr. Reddys Labs 4. Aravind Eye Care System The answer is 4. Aravind Eye Care System! Its remarkable. Aravind is the only Indian organization in the Fast […]

How do we go from here?

I read Atanu Dey’s take on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in India in response to a question put forward by Sramana Mitra on her blog Why is the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India not coming together as well as it needs to? Atanu makes a strong pitch for leveraging existing solutions for development, reasoning that India has not […]

South Asia Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship

TC-I reader Suresh Parmar tipped us about a workshop focusing on social entrepreneurship on April 16-17 in New Delhi.  Held by the Centre for Training and Research in Responsible Business and Social Entrepreneurship (New Delhi), in partnership with the Centre for Social Initiative and Management (Hyderabad), the workshop will focus on a range of issues. […]

Intl. Conf. on Social Entrepreneurship in India – Day 1

I had the opportunity to attend the International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship in India on the 4th and 5th of December. In this post I will try to narrate my experience at the conference. In the posts following this one, I will talk about people and organizations I got in touch with, and most importantly […]

Loans that can save Lives

Indians have a much higher pre-disposition for heart disease, and are genetically three times more vulnerable to a heart attack as compared to people living in many Western nations. While cardiovascular medicine has made great strides in the last few decades, heart surgery continues to be a costly affair for most of the poor in […]