NYT Profiles Ela Bhatt and SEWA

The New York Times carried a Saturday profile of Ela Bhatt and the remarkable organization she founded thirty-five years ago, SEWA. Here is an excerpt: Mrs. Bhatt’s Gandhian approach is most evident in the way she lives. Her two-bedroom bungalow is small and spare. The one bit of whimsy is a white swing that hangs […]

Sa-Dhan to Host Microfinance Conference in New Delhi

Sa-Dhan, an association of community development finance institutions in India will host a National Microfinance Conference in New Delhi on March 31, 2009. The conference is centered on the theme, ‘Microfinance Ecosystem: Equilibrium Between Growth & Effectiveness’. One of the goals for this event is for Sa-Dhan member organization to come together with academicians, practioners […]

South Asia Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship

TC-I reader Suresh Parmar tipped us about a workshop focusing on social entrepreneurship on April 16-17 in New Delhi.  Held by the Centre for Training and Research in Responsible Business and Social Entrepreneurship (New Delhi), in partnership with the Centre for Social Initiative and Management (Hyderabad), the workshop will focus on a range of issues. […]

TC-I Call to Action

Please send along any other opportunities to info@thinkchangeindia.org. Jobs Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) is an autonomous society responsible for implementation of poverty reduction projects in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. They are looking for 3-4 interns to work exclusively on health and nutrition interventions. More information here The Indian School […]

India’s Losing Battle Against Malnutrition

In a report entitled, “India’s Malnourished Children: A Call for Reform and Action,” the World Bank warned that malnutrition is a problem with “dire consequences for morbidity, mortality, productivity and economic growth.”  According to a recent Reuters article, this is especially true in India, where millions of babies are born “underweight and then underfed during the […]

Treating More than Diarrhea

During the course of my work with SEWA Rural, a community health organization in rural Gujarat, India, I often wondered how mental health concerns would ever gain traction in a climate where community members suffered, and sometimes died from, such common ailments as diarrhea or anemia. Those with mental health problems (whether diagnosed or not), […]


MISSION AND BACKGROUND: ThinkChange India’s goal is to be your primary source of information on social innovation and social entrepreneurship in India. Our blog is predicated on the assumption that the social circumstances facing India are unique in nature, and thus the approach we employ in order to address these circumstances must also be unique. […]