[TC-I Call to Action]: New Ventures India Business Proposals

Anil G of  New Ventures India informs us that New Ventures is inviting clean tech companies to submit their business proposals for a chance to receive mentorship, assistance, and connections with capital and market opportunities to scale up.  Click here for further details about the call for proposals, including eligibility requirements and contact information.  Proposals are due by April 30, 2009.  This is a great opportunity for clean tech and clean energy SMEs in India.

About New Ventures India:

New Ventures India works for sustainable entrepreneurship and is specially designed to meet the needs of Indian entrepreneurs and help them overcome common business challenges to deliver environmental and social benefits in addition to economic development and growth opportunity.


TC-I Call to Action: Dell YouthConnect

The computer manufacturers Dell is now calling upon motivated individuals to “develop a generation of young people across the globe prepared to connect.” In order to accomplish this goal of producing a new wave of customers for its products, Dell has started the Dell YouthConnect: India, a program intended to support individuals with ideas and plans to help connect India’s youth. The criteria are as follows:

Promote education, and incorporate math, science, literacy, and/or technology skills development for young people (ages 0 through age 17) in urban areas of India who might otherwise have limited access to or be excluded from access to such education and skills training.

Here are the dates of the initiative:

  • Grant applications deadline: October 24, 2008, 5 p.m. Central Time, (GMT -6 hours)
  • Selection of Grant Awards: by January 8, 2009
  • Public Announcement: no later than January 16, 2009

Go here to find out more about this new endeavor by one of the largest PC makers in the world.

Proposals for Grand Challenges Explorations on Global Health

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is accepting grant proposals for its Grand Challenges Explorations online until May 30, 2008. The $100 million initiative involves awarding initial grants of $100,000 each, but potentially up to $1 million.

One of the primary objectives of Grand Challenges Explorations is to involve scientists around the world who don’t typically work in global health—this includes innovators in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the developing world; those from complementary disciplines and in the private sector; and young investigators.

The first four topic areas for which proposals will be accepted through the Grand Challenges Explorations initiative are:

  • Creating new ways to protect against infectious diseases, including alternatives to traditional vaccination.
  • Creating new drugs and delivery systems to limit the emergence of resistance from developing in the disease-causing agent.
  • Creating new ways to prevent or cure HIV infection that fall outside current research on vaccines, antiretroviral drugs, and other biomedical and behavior-change strategies.
  • Exploring the basis for latency in TB, with the goal of discovering new ways to identify and eliminate latent infection, and break the cycle of TB transmission.

Business Incubation Grants – Call for Proposals from infoDev

infoDev is accepting proposals from organizations under an initiative titled “Promoting ICT-enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries through Business incubation.”

Throughout the developing world, innovative entrepreneurs are working to establish businesses that are “ICT-enabled”—offering ICT services or utilizing ICTs as a fundamental aspect of their business model. Business incubators focus on helping entrepreneurs to build competitive businesses through the early, high-risk stages of development. The infoDev Incubator Initiative supports business incubators as well as business incubator networks in developing countries with financial and technical assistance.

There are three categories: start-ups in IDA countries (which includes India), international working groups targeting women, youth, and high growth ICT enterprise development, and regional networks on business incubation. Proposals are due April 15, 2008.

Call for Papers and Special Issue on Entrepreneurship

Inderscience news posted on two things:

Call for papers: Realigning the Innovation-Entrepreneurship Interface

While this blend between entrepreneurship and innovation is achievable at both the corporate enterprise and the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) levels, there are some indications that the cocktail has become poisonous and too dangerous for consumption. This is largely based on the recent practices of enterprises’ stifling innovation at the altar of entrepreneurship and vice versa. The question now is whether the definition of entrepreneurship can be complete without reference to innovation and vice versa.

Special Issue: Entrepreneurship and Moral Progress

One of the topics in this issue is: “Synergising entrepreneurship, incubated business and socioeconomic upliftment in rural India.”

Google SMEs: Internet search company to provide capital to small and medium size businesses in India

One of the ongoing issues that appears to be hindering development in countries like India is the lack of equity based funding for small and medium sized businesses. These entities, which usually are too large to be benefited from a microloan but too small to have the necessary financials to secure corporate debt or private equity backing, are often left to fend on their own.

No more, as Google.org along with two other foundations has announced a fund to help finance such ventures.

From pluGGd.in by

Google.org, Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF) and Omidyar Network have announced a $17 million Small to Medium Enterprise Investment Company for India to create job opportunities and spur greater economic participation for a larger segment of the population.

This joint Investment Company will provide capital to small and medium businesses in undeserved markets.

SMEs are considered by many as the critical component for poverty alleviation, job creation and the eventual development of a nation as their scalable nature gives them the chance to become a major Fortune 500 player down the road.