Remote Blogging: Skoll World Forum 2008 — Review of Panel on Corporate Partnerships

The Strategic Partnerships Between Multinational Corporations and Social Entrepreneurs used the metaphor “dancing with elephants” as the overarching theme for discussion. SustainAbility’ s Maggie Brenneke also described the concept of “intrapreneurs,” which are individuals within established companies thinking and acting entrepreneurially.  While somewhat obvious, the panel primarily focused on the importance of maintaining relationships between the social venture and the company and also the need to have constant and clear communication over each parties’ goals. (Source: Socialedge)

Remote Blogging: Skoll Forum 2008 – Measuring Impact

Impact assessment, performance metrics, social impact – these terms are gaining increasing traction in the social entrepreneurship sector, specifically in the context of sustainability and effectiveness.  In the session entitled, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What’s the IMPACT of This All?”, covered by the Acumen Fund blog, panelists discussed the purpose of impact assessment, asking critical questions such as:

Who are the real audiences for impact assessment efforts? Who really cares and is it worth the bother? What happens in practice when social entrepreneurs are systematic about measuring impact? How does this lead to organisational learning, increased impact and innovation, or to greater resource mobilisation?

In response to these questions, Dean of the Rotman School of Management established a framework for impact assessment with the the following three P’s: “positive, precision, and pluralist.” (more after the jump) Continue reading

Remote Blogging: Skoll World Forum 2008 – Replication and Scale

At the recent Skoll World Forum, the Berkeley Bottom Line bloggers covered Dr. Paul Farmer‘s speech following the Replication and Scale session. Diverging from discussions of business models and financial feasibility, Farmer offered a human touch to the idea of social entrepreneurship and scale. They quote from his speech:

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Remote Blogging: Skoll World Forum 2008 — What is the role of government?

In the Innovation and Change in Government Culture workshop, one of the major themes was which problems or issues should government address and which should they ignore or stay away from. This is a very important concern, especially since much of the impetus for social entrepreneurship comes from those areas where the public sector is downright dysfunctional.(Source SocialEdge)

Professor David Gergen [Director, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard] opened this session by noting that social entrepreneurs and governments are not always natural allies. The role of social entrepreneurs is often to fill voids in the governmental provision of social services. Thus governments may perceive social entrepreneurs as competitors, or usurpers of the government’s rightful role, while social entrepreneurs are often prideful of their independence, perceiving the government as a failure. Yet as entrepreneurship becomes a more powerful social force, the two institutions must find new and creative ways to engage with each other. There is the potential for both great conflict and great synergy.

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Remote Blogging: Skoll World Forum 2008 — Points of Interest from Opening Plenary

  • Phil Hope, the Minister of the Third Sector in the UK spoke about the creating of a social stock exchange and its ability to promote transparency in the global social entrepreneurship field.
  • Karen Tse, of International Bridges to Justice spoke about the cross cultural challenges associated with being a social entrepreneur across borders, but also stressed that certain values should be promoted universally.
  • Lord Anthony Giddens spoke about the world’s continued inaction on climate change and tried to come up with reasons and solutions for the lack of proactive measures taken by the global community.

Sources: Acumen FundSocialedge

2008 Skoll World Forum Starts Today

This looks like to be a very exciting event, and while it is too late to attend in person, Skoll has hired the help of livebloggers for the entirety of the conference. Go here for live updates. ThinkChange India will be following closely via the same feeds and will be providing periodic updates over what is being said during the conference, if you want a more concise recap of the events.

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